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Birding Hawaii, July 2010

Birds of Paradise

Two House Sparrows in Maui My wife Joann and I spent our honeymoon in Hawaii back in 2003.  At the time we were the most casual of birdwatchers (mostly watching birds at our feeders at home), and didn't really keep a list.  We did mark birds seen in our Birds of Minnesota and Wisconsin book, but didn't list dates or places (though mostly, the place was our yard).

After we starting keeping a real list (it's now lists), we decided that we would list any birds we had seen back to the date of our marriage (June 14, 2003).  This included our trip to Hawaii.  We hadn't kept track of the birds we'd seen in Hawaii, but we did have identifiable photographs of three species.  This is how a House Sparrow seen in Hana on the island of Maui (photo above) became "life bird" number one for us (never mind the thousands of Western Scrub Jays I'd seen as a kid—I knew them as "blue jays"—or anything else we'd seen).

Life birds number two and three for us, then, became the Zebra Dove (below left; seen on the "Big Island" of Hawaii) and then the Java Sparrow (below right; just off of our lanai on the island of Hawaii). Zebra Dove Java Sparrows

None of these three birds is native to Hawaii. 

Now we're planning to return to the Big Island of Hawaii in July of 2010, and we're going to be prepared to see some birds this time around.  Before we go, we'd better get ready, and here are a few of the links I've found that should help us do just that.



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