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White-crowned Sparrow at Warbler Weekend, 2008 This is the place where I will post reports of our birding adventures and misadventures.  We're still novice birders, so there are no reports of incredible once-in-a-lifetime finds.  No photos of Ivory-billed Woodpeckers.  But everything posted here is true.  Except for the mistakes, exaggerations, and half-truths.

I've got pretty good notes and half-written reports on all of the trips and outings listed on the menu at left.  Few of them are ready for prime time just yet.  Some of the grayed-out links will take you to works-in-progress.  Some won't, but you won't break anything if you try them out.  Some of the incomplete pages will at least provide a link to photographs.
My Sharp-shinned Hawk--Adopted 9/23/2007



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