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Steve's North American (ABA) List

Sorted by sighting date (using A.O.U. 51st names)

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1:Downy WoodpeckerJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
2:House FinchJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
3:Blue JayJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
4:Black-capped ChickadeeJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
5:Common GrackleJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
6:Northern CardinalJul 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
7:American RobinJul 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
8:White-breasted NuthatchAug 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
9:Ring-billed GullSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
10:House SparrowSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
11:Mourning DoveSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
12:Red-winged BlackbirdOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
13:American GoldfinchOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
14:Purple FinchOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
15:Dark-eyed JuncoOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
16:Fox SparrowOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
17:Red-bellied WoodpeckerOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
18:Hairy WoodpeckerOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
19:White-crowned SparrowOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
20:European StarlingNov 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
21:White-throated SparrowDec 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
22:American CrowJan 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
23:Barred OwlFeb 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
24:Brown-headed CowbirdApr 18 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
25:MallardApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
26:Great EgretApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
27:Canada GooseApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
28:Rock PigeonApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
29:House WrenApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
30:Yellow-rumped WarblerMay 6 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
31:Rose-breasted GrosbeakMay 6 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
32:Great Blue HeronMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
33:Wood DuckMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
34:American RedstartMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
35:Chestnut-backed ChickadeeMay 29 2004USA-CA-Humboldt-Patrick's Point
36:Western Scrub-JayMay 2004USA-CA State of California
37:Great Horned OwlMay 2004USA-CA State of California
38:Brewer's BlackbirdMay 2004USA-CA State of California
39:Western KingbirdMay 2004USA-CA State of California
40:Common LoonJun 5 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
41:Cedar WaxwingJun 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
42:Barn SwallowJul 18 2004USA-MN-Winona-City of Winona
43:Purple MartinJul 18 2004USA-MN-Winona-City of Winona
44:Pileated WoodpeckerSep 18 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
45:Red-breasted NuthatchOct 26 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
46:Red-tailed HawkOct 30 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
47:Bald EagleSpring 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-City of Maplewood
48:Indigo BuntingMay 9 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
49:Chipping SparrowMay 11 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
50:Black-and-white WarblerMay 14 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
51:Clark's NutcrackerAug 7 2005USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
52:Steller's JayAug 7 2005USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
53:Western TanagerAug 7 2005USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
54:Black PhoebeAug 10 2005USA-CA-Shasta-The Ancestral Home
55:Northern MockingbirdAug 10 2005USA-CA-Shasta-The Ancestral Home
56:Ruby-throated HummingbirdSummer 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
57:Baltimore OrioleMay 1 2006USA-OK-Cleveland-City of Norman
58:Mississippi KiteMay 1 2006USA-OK-Cleveland-City of Norman
59:Great-tailed GrackleMay 1 2006USA-OK-Cleveland-City of Norman
60:Chimney SwiftMay 2 2006USA-OK-Cleveland-City of Norman
61:Gray CatbirdMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
62:Song SparrowMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
63:Eastern PhoebeMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
64:Eastern BluebirdMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
65:Tree SwallowMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
66:Yellow WarblerMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
67:Common YellowthroatMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
68:Turkey VultureMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
69:Spotted SandpiperMay 22 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
70:Great Crested FlycatcherMay 22 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
71:Belted KingfisherMay 28 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
72:Eastern KingbirdMay 29 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
73:Black-crowned Night-HeronJun 4 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
74:Double-crested CormorantJun 4 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
75:Eastern Wood-PeweeJun 11 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
76:Northern FlickerJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
77:Warbling VireoJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
78:Red-eyed VireoJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
79:OspreyJun 25 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
80:Green HeronJul 2 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
81:Swamp SparrowJul 4 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Old Cedar Bridge
82:Yellow-headed BlackbirdJul 4 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Old Cedar Bridge
83:Prothonotary WarblerJul 4 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Fort Snelling State Park
84:Blue-gray GnatcatcherJul 9 2006USA-MN-Winona-City of Winona
85:Common GallinuleAug 6 2006USA-MN-Scott-Murphy Hanrehan Park
86:Wild TurkeyAug 6 2006USA-MN-Scott-Murphy Hanrehan Park
87:Common NighthawkAug 26 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
88:OvenbirdSep 4 2006USA-WI-Sauk-Spring Green Preserve
89:SoraSep 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
90:Nashville WarblerSep 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
91:Pied-billed GrebeSep 10 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Langton Lake Park
92:American CootSep 20 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
93:Ruby-crowned KingletSep 27 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
94:Yellow-bellied SapsuckerOct 8 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
95:Golden-crowned KingletOct 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
96:Western GrebeOct 14 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
97:Northern PintailOct 14 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
98:Northern ShovelerOct 14 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
99:Hooded MerganserOct 14 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
100:Hermit ThrushOct 14 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
101:American WigeonOct 20 2006USA-MN-Dakota-Minnesota River Valley NWR
102:American Tree SparrowOct 27 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Langton Lake Park
103:Ring-necked DuckOct 29 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
104:Common GoldeneyeNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
105:RedheadNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
106:CanvasbackNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
107:Lesser ScaupNov 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
108:Green-winged TealNov 26 2006USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
109:Gray-crowned Rosy-FinchJan 8 2007USA-MN-Carlton County
110:Ruffed GrouseJan 8 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Hedbom Road
111:Pine GrosbeakJan 8 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Hedbom Road
112:Great Gray OwlJan 8 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Hedbom Road
113:Brown CreeperMar 12 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
114:Common MerganserMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
115:Rusty BlackbirdMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
116:Rough-legged HawkMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
117:KilldeerMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
118:GadwallMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
119:Greater White-fronted GooseMar 19 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-South side of Lake Byllesby
120:Cooper's HawkMar 25 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
121:Sandhill CraneMar 26 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Highway 36 in Roseville
122:BuffleheadApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
123:Blue-winged TealApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
124:Winter WrenApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
125:Red-necked GrebeApr 16 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
126:Red-breasted MerganserApr 17 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
127:Ruddy DuckApr 17 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
128:Lincoln's SparrowApr 27 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
129:Palm WarblerMay 2 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
130:Black-throated Green WarblerMay 5 2007USA-MN-Carver-Carver Park Reserve
131:Field SparrowMay 5 2007USA-MN-Carver-Carver Park Reserve
132:Clay-colored SparrowMay 5 2007USA-MN-Carver-Carver Park Reserve
133:Swainson's ThrushMay 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
134:Scarlet TanagerMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
135:Tennessee WarblerMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
136:Cliff SwallowMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Villa Maria Convent
137:Blue-winged WarblerMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Villa Maria Convent
138:WilletMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
139:Least SandpiperMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
140:Savannah SparrowMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
141:Orchard OrioleMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
142:Olive-sided FlycatcherMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
143:Blue-headed VireoMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
144:Eastern MeadowlarkMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
145:Red-headed WoodpeckerMay 12 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Villa Maria Convent
146:Northern Rough-winged SwallowMay 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
147:Herring GullMay 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
148:Broad-winged HawkMay 15 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
149:Eastern TowheeMay 19 2007USA-MN-Dakota-Lebanon Hills Regional Park
150:Mourning WarblerMay 19 2007USA-MN-Dakota-Lebanon Hills Regional Park
151:Blackburnian WarblerMay 19 2007USA-MN-Dakota-Lebanon Hills Regional Park
152:Violet-green SwallowMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
153:Red-breasted SapsuckerMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
154:Black-headed GrosbeakMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
155:Willow FlycatcherMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
156:Sharp-shinned HawkMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
157:Western Wood-PeweeMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
158:Marsh WrenMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
159:American BitternMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
160:Rufous HummingbirdMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
161:Band-tailed PigeonMay 26 2007USA-WA-Pierce-Nisqually NWR
162:Spotted TowheeMay 27 2007USA-WA-King-Des Moines Trail
163:California QuailMay 27 2007USA-WA-King-City of Seattle
164:Pigeon GuillemotMay 27 2007USA-WA Pacific Ocean near Washington State
165:Black-legged KittiwakeMay 29 2007USA-AK Glacier Bay National Park
166:Marbled MurreletMay 29 2007USA-AK Glacier Bay National Park
167:White-winged ScoterMay 29 2007USA-AK Glacier Bay National Park
168:Glaucous-winged GullMay 29 2007USA-AK Glacier Bay National Park
169:Pelagic CormorantMay 29 2007USA-AK Glacier Bay National Park
170:Northwestern CrowMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-City of Juneau and vicinity
171:Common RavenMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-City of Juneau and vicinity
172:Townsend's WarblerMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-City of Juneau and vicinity
173:Greater ScaupMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-Mendenhall Wetlands
174:Wilson's WarblerMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-Mendenhall Wetlands
175:Greater YellowlegsMay 30 2007USA-AK-Juneau-Mendenhall Wetlands
176:Varied ThrushMay 31 2007USA-AK-Sitka-City of Sitka and vicinity
177:Harlequin DuckMay 31 2007USA-AK-Sitka-City of Sitka and vicinity
178:Trumpeter SwanMay 31 2007USA-AK-Sitka-City of Sitka and vicinity
179:Sooty ShearwaterJun 1 2007USA-AK Pacific Ocean near SE Alaska
180:Anna's HummingbirdJun 2 2007CAN-BC-City of Victoria
181:American White PelicanJul 4 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
182:Lesser YellowlegsAug 15 2007USA-MN-Hennepin-Purgatory Creek
183:Solitary SandpiperAug 15 2007USA-MN-Hennepin-Purgatory Creek
184:Magnolia WarblerAug 26 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
185:Chestnut-sided WarblerAug 29 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
186:Blackpoll WarblerSep 1 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
187:Northern WaterthrushSep 5 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
188:Brown ThrasherSep 22 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
189:MerlinSep 23 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hawk Ridge
190:American KestrelSep 23 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hawk Ridge
191:Northern HarrierSep 23 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hawk Ridge
192:Harris's SparrowSep 23 2007USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hearding Island
193:Northern ShrikeNov 10 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Sucker Lake
194:American Black DuckNov 11 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
195:Yellow-billed MagpieDec 24 2007USA-CA State of California
196:Western MeadowlarkDec 24 2007USA-CA State of California
197:California ThrasherDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
198:California TowheeDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
199:Golden-crowned SparrowDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
200:Nuttall's WoodpeckerDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
201:Oak TitmouseDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
202:Acorn WoodpeckerDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
203:Red-shouldered HawkDec 25 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
204:Western BluebirdDec 26 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Lema Ranch
205:Lesser GoldfinchDec 26 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Lema Ranch
206:Lewis's WoodpeckerDec 26 2007USA-CA-Shasta County
207:PhainopeplaDec 26 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
208:Lark SparrowDec 27 2007USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
209:BushtitDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
210:American PipitDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
211:Snowy EgretDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
212:Wilson's SnipeDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
213:DunlinDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
214:Bewick's WrenDec 28 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
215:Eared GrebeDec 30 2007USA-CA-Shasta-Kutrus Lake
216:Snow GooseJan 1 2008USA-CA State of California
217:Pine SiskinJan 12 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
218:Peregrine FalconApr 3 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Ford Dam on Mississippi River
219:Laughing GullApr 6 2008USA-LA-Orleans-New Orleans
220:Yellow-crowned Night-HeronApr 7 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
221:Carolina ChickadeeApr 7 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
222:Fish CrowApr 7 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
223:Cattle EgretApr 7 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
224:White IbisApr 7 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
225:Black VultureApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
226:Brown PelicanApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
227:Boat-tailed GrackleApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
228:Bronzed CowbirdApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
229:Swallow-tailed KiteApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
230:Forster's TernApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Bayou Sauvage NWR
231:Tufted TitmouseApr 8 2008USA-LA-Jefferson-Barataria Preserve
232:Carolina WrenApr 8 2008USA-LA-Jefferson-Barataria Preserve
233:Tricolored HeronApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
234:Little Blue HeronApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
235:AnhingaApr 8 2008USA-LA-Orleans-Audubon Park in New Orleans
236:Horned GrebeApr 17 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
237:Bonaparte's GullApr 20 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
238:Cape May WarblerMay 10 2008USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
239:Northern ParulaMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
240:Golden-winged WarblerMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
241:Grasshopper SparrowMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
242:Orange-crowned WarblerMay 14 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
243:Hooded WarblerMay 17 2008USA-MN-Dakota-Lebanon Hills Regional Park
244:Bank SwallowJun 8 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
245:Mountain BluebirdAug 11 2008USA-SD-Custer-Custer State Park
246:Vesper SparrowAug 11 2008USA-SD-Custer-Custer State Park
247:Canada WarblerSep 7 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Reservoir Woods Trail
248:Yellow-throated VireoSep 7 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Reservoir Woods Trail
249:Franklin's GullSep 20 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
250:Barn OwlDec 26 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
251:White-tailed KiteDec 26 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
252:Ferruginous HawkDec 29 2008USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
253:Horned LarkDec 29 2008USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
254:Lapland LongspurDec 29 2008USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
255:Say's PhoebeDec 30 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Balls Ferry Wetlands
256:Prairie FalconDec 30 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Balls Ferry Wetlands
257:Loggerhead ShrikeDec 30 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Balls Ferry Wetlands
258:Ring-necked PheasantDec 31 2008USA-CA-Shasta-The Ancestral Home
259:Long-tailed DuckDec 31 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Kutrus Lake
260:Barrow's GoldeneyeDec 31 2008USA-CA-Shasta-Kutrus Lake
261:Cinnamon TealJan 2 2009USA-CA-Colusa-Sacramento Natl Wildlife Reserve
262:Black-necked StiltJan 2 2009USA-CA-Colusa-Sacramento Natl Wildlife Reserve
263:Common RedpollFeb 7 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
264:Sedge WrenMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
265:American WoodcockMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
266:BobolinkMay 9 2009USA-MN-Goodhue-Villa Maria Convent
267:Caspian TernMay 10 2009USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
268:Common TernMay 10 2009USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
269:Least FlycatcherMay 15 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
270:Wood ThrushMay 16 2009USA-MN-Pine-Audubon Center of the North Woods
271:Ruddy TurnstoneMay 25 2009USA-MN-Hennepin-Purgatory Creek
272:Northern GoshawkOct 17 2009USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hawk Ridge
273:Golden EagleOct 17 2009USA-MN-St Louis-Duluth Hawk Ridge
274:Western SandpiperDec 26 2009USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
275:Eurasian Collared-DoveDec 26 2009USA-CA-Shasta-Anderson River Park
276:Tricolored BlackbirdDec 28 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
277:Pacific WrenDec 28 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Redding
278:Thayer's GullDec 28 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Redding
279:California GullDec 28 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Redding
280:Eurasian WigeonDec 28 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Redding
281:Rock WrenDec 29 2009USA-CA-Shasta-City of Anderson
282:Northern Hawk OwlFeb 13 2010USA-MN-St Louis-Sax Zim Bog area
283:Gray JayFeb 13 2010USA-MN-St Louis-Sax Zim Bog area
284:White-winged CrossbillFeb 13 2010USA-MN-St Louis-Sax Zim Bog area
285:Black-backed WoodpeckerFeb 13 2010USA-MN-St Louis-Sax Zim Bog area
286:Boreal ChickadeeFeb 13 2010USA-MN-St Louis-Sax Zim Bog area
287:Tundra SwanMar 19 2010USA-MN-Dakota-North side of Lake Byllesby
288:Henslow's SparrowMay 9 2010USA-MN-Goodhue-Frontenac State Park
289:Virginia RailMay 15 2010USA-MN-Hennepin-Old Cedar Bridge
290:Black-billed CuckooMay 29 2010USA-MN-Cass County
291:Alder FlycatcherMay 29 2010USA-MN-Cass County
292:VeeryMay 29 2010USA-MN-Cass County
293:Pine WarblerMay 29 2010USA-MN-Itasca County
294:Le Conte's SparrowMay 31 2010USA-MN-Cass County
295:Black TernMay 31 2010USA-MN-Cass County
296:Red CrossbillMay 31 2010USA-MN-Cass County
297:Townsend's SolitaireNov 19 2010USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
298:Greater RoadrunnerDec 27 2010USA-CA-Shasta-Dersch and Deschutes Roads
299:WrentitDec 28 2010USA-CA-Shasta-Redding CBC circle
300:Ross's GooseDec 30 2010USA-CA-Colusa-Sacramento Natl Wildlife Reserve
301:Cackling GooseMar 28 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Lema Ranch
302:White-faced IbisMar 28 2011USA-CA-Colusa-Sacramento Natl Wildlife Reserve
303:DickcisselJul 2 2011USA-MN-Dakota-140th St near Hwy 52, Rosemount, MN
304:Blue GrosbeakJul 2 2011USA-MN-Dakota-140th St near Hwy 52, Rosemount, MN
305:Black-chinned HummingbirdAug 16 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Coleman Fish Hatchery
306:White-headed WoodpeckerAug 18 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
307:Mountain ChickadeeAug 18 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
308:Ash-throated FlycatcherAug 18 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
309:American DipperAug 18 2011USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
310:Whooping CraneSep 11 2011USA-MN-Rice County
311:Long-billed DowitcherOct 31 2011USA-MN-Hennepin-Bass Ponds
312:Painted BuntingMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
313:Glossy IbisMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
314:Mottled DuckMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
315:Roseate SpoonbillMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
316:Wood StorkMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
317:Black SkimmerMar 14 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Merritt Island NWR
318:Ruddy Ground-DoveMar 14 2012USA-FL-Orange-Orlando Wetlands Preserve
319:Gray KingbirdMar 16 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Viera Wetlands
320:LimpkinMar 16 2012USA-FL-Brevard-Viera Wetlands
321:Crested CaracaraMar 17 2012USA-FL-Oceola County
322:Red-cockaded WoodpeckerMar 17 2012USA-FL-Oceola-Three Lakes WMA
323:White-eyed VireoMar 17 2012USA-FL-Oceola-Three Lakes WMA
324:Prairie WarblerMar 17 2012USA-FL-Oceola-Three Lakes WMA
325:Florida Scrub-JayMar 19 2012USA-FL-Seminole-Seminole State Forest
326:Short-tailed HawkMar 19 2012USA-FL-Seminole-Seminole State Forest
327:Pectoral SandpiperApr 28 2012USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County
328:Semipalmated PloverApr 28 2012USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County-Cory Lake
329:American Golden-PloverApr 28 2012USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County-Cory Lake
330:Marbled GodwitApr 28 2012USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County-Cory Lake
331:Semipalmated SandpiperApr 28 2012USA-SD-Grant-Salt Lake area
332:Wilson's PhalaropeApr 28 2012USA-SD-Grant-Salt Lake area
333:Bay-breasted WarblerMay 12 2012USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
334:Connecticut WarblerMay 21 2012USA-MN-Hennepin-Vet's Memorial Park Richfield
335:Eastern Screech-OwlFeb 16 2013USA-MN-Hennepin-City of Minneapolis
336:Royal TernMar 19 2013USA-FL-Okeechobee-Jaycee Park, Lake Okeechobee
337:Least TernMar 19 2013USA-FL-Okeechobee-Jaycee Park, Lake Okeechobee
338:Reddish EgretMar 20 2013USA-FL-Lee-Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge
339:Yellow-throated WarblerMar 20 2013USA-FL-Lee-Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve
340:SanderlingMar 21 2013USA-FL-Lee-Fort Myers Beach
341:Swainson's HawkApr 27 2013USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County
342:American AvocetApr 27 2013USA-MN-Lac qui Parle County
343:Gray-cheeked ThrushMay 11 2013USA-MN-Goodhue-Hok-Si-La Park
344:Louisiana WaterthrushMay 11 2013USA-MN-Goodhue-Sand Point Trail
345:Bullock's OrioleJun 7 2013USA-CA-Shasta-The Ancestral Home
346:Green-tailed TowheeJun 10 2013USA-CA-Shasta-Lassen National Park
347:Snowy OwlJan 20 2014USA-MN-Anoka-City of Ramsey
348:Least BitternAug 19 2014USA-MN-Hennepin-City of Minneapolis

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