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Ramsey County, Minnesota

Sorted by sighting date (using A.O.U. 51st names)

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1:Downy WoodpeckerJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
2:House FinchJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
3:Blue JayJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
4:Black-capped ChickadeeJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
5:Common GrackleJul 13 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
6:Northern CardinalJul 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
7:American RobinJul 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
8:White-breasted NuthatchAug 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
9:Ring-billed GullSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
10:House SparrowSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
11:Mourning DoveSep 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
12:Red-winged BlackbirdOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
13:American GoldfinchOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
14:Purple FinchOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
15:Dark-eyed JuncoOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
16:Fox SparrowOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
17:Red-bellied WoodpeckerOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
18:Hairy WoodpeckerOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
19:White-crowned SparrowOct 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
20:European StarlingNov 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
21:White-throated SparrowDec 2003USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
22:American CrowJan 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
23:Barred OwlFeb 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
24:Brown-headed CowbirdApr 18 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
25:MallardApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
26:Great EgretApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
27:Canada GooseApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
28:Rock PigeonApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
29:House WrenApr 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
30:Yellow-rumped WarblerMay 6 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
31:Rose-breasted GrosbeakMay 6 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
32:Great Blue HeronMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
33:Wood DuckMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
34:American RedstartMay 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
35:Common LoonJun 5 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
36:Cedar WaxwingJun 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
37:Pileated WoodpeckerSep 18 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
38:Red-breasted NuthatchOct 26 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
39:Red-tailed HawkOct 30 2004USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
40:Great Horned OwlWinter 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
41:Bald EagleSpring 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-City of Maplewood
42:Indigo BuntingMay 9 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
43:Chipping SparrowMay 11 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
44:Black-and-white WarblerMay 14 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
45:Ruby-throated HummingbirdSummer 2005USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
46:Gray CatbirdMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
47:Song SparrowMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
48:Eastern PhoebeMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
49:Eastern BluebirdMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
50:Tree SwallowMay 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
51:Yellow WarblerMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
52:Common YellowthroatMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
53:Baltimore OrioleMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
54:Turkey VultureMay 21 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Harriet Alexander Nature Center
55:Spotted SandpiperMay 22 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
56:Great Crested FlycatcherMay 22 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
57:Belted KingfisherMay 28 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
58:Eastern KingbirdMay 29 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Central Park in Roseville
59:Black-crowned Night-HeronJun 4 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
60:Double-crested CormorantJun 4 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
61:Eastern Wood-PeweeJun 11 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
62:Northern FlickerJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
63:Warbling VireoJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
64:Red-eyed VireoJun 23 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
65:OspreyJun 25 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
66:Green HeronJul 2 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
67:Common NighthawkAug 26 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
68:SoraSep 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
69:Nashville WarblerSep 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
70:Pied-billed GrebeSep 10 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Langton Lake Park
71:American CootSep 20 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
72:Ruby-crowned KingletSep 27 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
73:Yellow-bellied SapsuckerOct 8 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
74:Golden-crowned KingletOct 9 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
75:American Tree SparrowOct 27 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Langton Lake Park
76:Ring-necked DuckOct 29 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
77:Common GoldeneyeNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
78:RedheadNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
79:CanvasbackNov 18 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
80:Lesser ScaupNov 19 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
81:Hermit ThrushNov 25 2006USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
82:Brown CreeperMar 12 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
83:Cooper's HawkMar 25 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
84:Sandhill CraneMar 26 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Highway 36 in Roseville
85:Northern ShovelerMar 28 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
86:Common MerganserApr 1 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
87:BuffleheadApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
88:Blue-winged TealApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
89:Winter WrenApr 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
90:Red-necked GrebeApr 16 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
91:Red-breasted MerganserApr 17 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
92:Ruddy DuckApr 17 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
93:Hooded MerganserApr 17 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
94:Green-winged TealApr 20 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
95:Barn SwallowApr 23 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
96:Lincoln's SparrowApr 27 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
97:KilldeerApr 29 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
98:Palm WarblerMay 2 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
99:Chimney SwiftMay 3 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
100:Wild TurkeyMay 7 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Crosby Farm Park
101:OvenbirdMay 7 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Crosby Farm Park
102:Blue-gray GnatcatcherMay 7 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Crosby Farm Park
103:Swainson's ThrushMay 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
104:Broad-winged HawkMay 15 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
105:Blue-headed VireoJun 8 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
106:Trumpeter SwanJun 9 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
107:Orchard OrioleJun 9 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
108:American White PelicanJul 4 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
109:Cliff SwallowJul 14 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
110:Brewer's BlackbirdAug 24 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
111:Magnolia WarblerAug 26 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
112:Chestnut-sided WarblerAug 29 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
113:Blackpoll WarblerSep 1 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
114:Northern WaterthrushSep 5 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
115:Wilson's WarblerSep 10 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
116:Tennessee WarblerSep 18 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
117:Brown ThrasherSep 22 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
118:Sharp-shinned HawkSep 25 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Hamline/Midway
119:American WigeonOct 20 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Langton Lake Park
120:Northern PintailNov 4 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
121:Northern ShrikeNov 10 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Sucker Lake
122:American Black DuckNov 11 2007USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
123:Pine SiskinJan 12 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
124:American KestrelMar 2 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Mississippi River in Saint Paul
125:Peregrine FalconApr 3 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Ford Dam on Mississippi River
126:Horned GrebeApr 17 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Como Lake and Park
127:Forster's TernApr 20 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
128:Bonaparte's GullApr 20 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
129:Northern Rough-winged SwallowApr 27 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
130:Solitary SandpiperApr 30 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
131:Cape May WarblerMay 14 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
132:Orange-crowned WarblerMay 14 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
133:Golden-winged WarblerMay 25 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
134:Olive-sided FlycatcherMay 31 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
135:Bank SwallowJun 8 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Little Canada
136:Canada WarblerSep 7 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Reservoir Woods Trail
137:Yellow-throated VireoSep 7 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Reservoir Woods Trail
138:Tufted TitmouseSep 17 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
139:Franklin's GullSep 20 2008USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
140:Common RedpollFeb 7 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Home
141:Varied ThrushFeb 8 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-City of Roseville
142:Eastern MeadowlarkMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
143:Sedge WrenMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
144:Field SparrowMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
145:American WoodcockMay 5 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Twin Cities Army Ammo Plant
146:Blackburnian WarblerMay 15 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
147:Scarlet TanagerMay 15 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
148:Least FlycatcherMay 15 2009USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
149:Northern HarrierFeb 12 2010USA-MN-Ramsey-City of Maplewood
150:MerlinFeb 27 2010USA-MN-Ramsey-Gervais Mill Ponds
151:Townsend's SolitaireNov 19 2010USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
152:Caspian TernMay 8 2011USA-MN-Ramsey-Vadnais Lakes
153:Swamp SparrowApr 26 2012USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
154:Harris's SparrowMay 5 2012USA-MN-Ramsey-Grass Lake
155:Northern ParulaMay 9 2012USA-MN-Ramsey-Home on Virginia Ave in Shoreview
156:Prothonotary WarblerMay 22 2012USA-MN-Ramsey-Crosby Farm Park
157:Lark SparrowMay 13 2013USA-MN-Ramsey-Crosby Farm Park
158:Bay-breasted WarblerMay 16 2013USA-MN-Ramsey-Home on Virginia Ave in Shoreview
159:Black-throated Green WarblerMay 16 2013USA-MN-Ramsey-Home on Virginia Ave in Shoreview
160:Eastern TowheeNov 11 2013USA-MN-Ramsey-Home on Virginia Ave in Shoreview
161:Carolina WrenNov 15 2014USA-MN-Ramsey-Home on Virginia Ave in Shoreview

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