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USA-MN-Goodhue County

Sorted by sighting date (using A.O.U. 51st names)

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1:Eastern MeadowlarkMay 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
2:Common GrackleMay 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
3:Red-tailed HawkOct 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
4:Song SparrowOct 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
5:Cedar WaxwingOct 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
6:Eastern PhoebeOct 13 2007USA-MN-Goodhue County
7:Belted KingfisherMay 9 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
8:American CootMay 9 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
9:Northern Rough-winged SwallowMay 10 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
10:Barn SwallowMay 10 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
11:American White PelicanMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
12:Forster's TernMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
13:Mourning DoveMay 11 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
14:Canada GooseJul 13 2008USA-MN-Goodhue County
15:MallardMay 8 2009USA-MN-Goodhue County
16:Great EgretMay 10 2009USA-MN-Goodhue County
17:American KestrelJul 18 2009USA-MN-Goodhue County
18:Northern CardinalJul 19 2009USA-MN-Goodhue County
19:Lesser ScaupMay 9 2010USA-MN-Goodhue County
20:Red-winged BlackbirdMay 7 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
21:SoraMay 7 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
22:Marsh WrenMay 7 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
23:Tree SwallowMay 7 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
24:Brown-headed CowbirdMay 8 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
25:European StarlingMay 8 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
26:Purple MartinMay 8 2011USA-MN-Goodhue County
27:Baltimore OrioleMay 11 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
28:American RobinMay 11 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
29:Horned GrebeMay 11 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
30:Red-headed WoodpeckerMay 12 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
31:Hooded MerganserMay 12 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
32:Solitary SandpiperMay 13 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
33:Common YellowthroatMay 13 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
34:Turkey VultureMay 13 2012USA-MN-Goodhue County
35:House SparrowMay 10 2013USA-MN-Goodhue County
36:American GoldfinchMay 10 2013USA-MN-Goodhue County
37:Ring-billed GullMay 10 2013USA-MN-Goodhue County
38:Northern FlickerMay 10 2013USA-MN-Goodhue County
39:American CrowMay 9 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
40:Cooper's HawkMay 9 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
41:Bald EagleMay 9 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
42:Rock PigeonMay 9 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
43:Double-crested CormorantMay 9 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
44:Pileated WoodpeckerMay 11 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
45:Yellow WarblerMay 11 2014USA-MN-Goodhue County
46:Black-capped ChickadeeMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
47:Blue-gray GnatcatcherMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
48:Blue JayMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
49:Chipping SparrowMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
50:Downy WoodpeckerMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
51:Great Crested FlycatcherMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
52:House WrenMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
53:Indigo BuntingMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
54:Palm WarblerMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
55:Rose-breasted GrosbeakMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
56:Red-bellied WoodpeckerMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
57:Ruby-crowned KingletMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
58:Ring-necked PheasantMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
59:Warbling VireoMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
60:White-breasted NuthatchMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
61:Wild TurkeyMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
62:White-throated SparrowMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
63:Yellow-rumped WarblerMay 9 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
64:House FinchMay 10 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County
65:OspreyMay 10 2015USA-MN-Goodhue County

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