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Faces on Mars and on Sandwiches

marsfaceWhenever I’m tempted to spend a half-hour watching the rerun of an old sitcom or a television news program (and it’s often hard to tell the difference), I try to watch a couple of TED talks instead. Many shed useful light on newsworthy subjects that are ignored or given facile treatment by the news media. These talks are mostly serious, of course, but the best of them are not entirely lacking in humor. Some are just plain fun.

Many readers of my blog will be familiar with these TED talks.[1] Those of you who are not should bookmark

Here is an old favorite (originally posted six years ago) that saved me the aggravation of watching election coverage on CNN this morning:[2]


  1. It is technically incorrect to refer to any subset of my blog’s readers as “many.” [^]
  2. The video is also available on, but I find it loads faster and plays more efficiently from YouTube. [^]

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