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Crossword #4: An Unlucky Mob

Groucho Marx, apropos of nothingI am about two months late with crossword puzzle #4. I am sure this has been the cause of much hand wringing and consternation. But here at last it is.

My previous puzzle was timed to coincide with Presidents’ Day and featured a related theme. The appearance of this puzzle almost coincides with Memorial Day, but has no such related theme. It does have a theme, though; one which you will discover soon enough. Before downloading the puzzle, you might guess it has something to do with Groucho Marx. You would be wrong. I just like the photo, and I do use a fill-in-the-blank Groucho quote as a clue.

Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Monday, June 17.

The puzzle includes a little value-added extra fun. After completing it, you are challenged to identify the thirteen answers related to the puzzle’s theme.[1]

Puzzle thumbnailI have been wrong before, but I believe that this puzzle is largely free of errors of fact and does not break any sacrosanct conventions (I strive to emulate the style if not the quality of the New York Times puzzles). I would judge it to be a “Monday” or “Tuesday” in difficulty.

Good luck and let me know what you think of it.

Click here or on the image at right to download a PDF version of the puzzle.

NEW 12/13/2013: I think you will want to work with a printed copy of the puzzle, but you can solve it online at XwordInfo.com, or you can download the puz file for use with AcrossLite software (available free for PC or Mac).

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  1. Thirteen answers, “unlucky mob.” There is a relationship there, but it is a pretty weak title. [^]

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