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Crossword #3: Hail to the Chiefs

puzzle grid with LincolnThis special puzzle hits the electronic street in plenty of time for you to finish it before Presidents’ Day. This is my third attempt to construct a creditable crossword. I believe this one is free of flaws (egregious ones, at least). I will continue to believe this until one is pointed out to me.

A feature of this puzzle is that it contains fourteen related clues (each marked with a perky little asterisk). Those of you who thrive on challenges may wish to attempt these first. Anyone able to answer twelve of them in this way will have done very well indeed. Thirteen is achievable. To answer all fourteen will necessarily involve a bit of luck.

puzzle thumbnailBeware that an incorrect answer to one of the fourteen may very well suggest itself. Those of you who solve in ink are warned.

Click here or on the image at right to download a PDF version of the puzzle. It is quite likely that you can print it for free at your place of work!

NEW 12/13/2013: I think you will want to work with a printed copy of the puzzle, but you can solve it online at XwordInfo.com, or you can download the puz file for use with AcrossLite software (available free for PC or Mac).

Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Wednesday, February 13.

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