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Crossword #2: A Tale of Two Gentlemen

Single-page puzzle thumbnailMy much-anticipated second homegrown crossword puzzle is here! This time, there are no “uncrossed answers,” and I think I’ve avoided using too many obscure words. Its theme will not require quite so elaborate an explanation as the last one. You may not be any happier with it than you were with the first one, but it is a theme you will “get.”

One crossword aficionado who proofread the puzzle for me judges it to be Tuesday-ish in difficulty.[1] (I try to emulate the style and conventions—if not quite the quality—of the New York Times.)

I’d like to think I learned something from the first exercise, but you be the judge. Download a PDF copy of the puzzle.

Check back in one week and you will find I’ve published a solution to the puzzle. If you missed my first puzzle, then by all means go back in time to find it. You probably won’t be sorry.

Let me know how you do.

Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Tuesday, December 10.

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  1. Said aficionado, upon reading this claim, remarked to me that he never exactly said that it was “Tuesday-ish.” He feels it is a little harder than that, at least until the theme is deciphered.[^]

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