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England Day 1 – London’s Burning

Below is one of a series of posts that document a week-long visit to England in 2006. “Lifebird” posts are published separately. This post’s bird-nerdy companion piece is Lifebirds #87-88 – England Day 1. Links to all England 2006 posts are found at the end of this one.

Thursday, July 19, 2006: Hot off the plane

BBC headline on the day of our arrival. London's Burning!The day before Joann and I arrived in London was the hottest July day in England’s (recorded) history. We landed too early to check into our hotel, so after dropping off our luggage we escaped to a movie theater only to find that its air conditioner was on the fritz. Nevertheless, it got us off of our feet and we saw whichever Pirates of the Caribbean sequel was running at the time. After the swashbuckling was over we were able into get to our room on the fifth story of our hotel. We were not surprised to find it to be without air-conditioning. Who needs it in London anyway?

For some reason, the only surviving photo from our first day in London is this one. A photo of a women's bathroom in Kensington Gardens.This photo of the entrance to a women’s bathroom in Kensington Gardens–a women’s “loo” I should say–was the only snapshot I took on our first day in England. Yes, I have an eye for beauty!

So, our first day in the country consisted of landing at Gatwick, riding a train to Paddington Station, walking to our hotel (lugging our bags), catching the movie at a theatre inside of Whiteley’s shopping centre, napping, eating forgettable food at a small restaurant near our hotel, and strolling around Kensington Gardens. And, of course, complaining about the heat. But, London! A thrill for me at any temperature.

On other days we managed to do more, as you are invited to read about in my online travelogue. Photos, and not only ones of loos, abound!

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