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Gun Pride in the Happiest Place on Earth

 Political cartoonAlmost four years ago, I promised myself I wouldn’t post another anti-assault rifle rant on my blog or on Facebook. This should be an easier promise to keep now, as I just don’t have the energy to waste on words that accomplish nothing. But the anger I feel about our Congress (which someone called “a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NRA”) burns.

Hooray again for the AR-15 assault rifle! This (evidently self-loathing, closeted wacko) used a SIG Sauer AR-15-type rifle and gave credit to ISIS for his act of hatred. The armed, off-duty Orlando police officer working as security at the club was unable to stop him. What will the NRA say about that? Undoubtedly they will point out that the cop wasn’t heavily-enough armed, and that the dancing, alcohol-drinking partiers should have been packing heat themselves (this should be extended to every bar in America–what could go wrong?).

See Thank God, the Second Amendment and the Bushmaster Corporation for the AR-15 for my celebration of our Second Amendment rights (an ineffective rant that felt cathartic for about five minutes) and/or The NRA Responds (where I try–and mostly fail–to rein-in my righteous indignation).

Content from TIME MagazineA bill re-introduced in our the NRA’s House of Representatives seeks to make it illegal for known terrorists or their sympathizers to buy weapons and ammunition in our country. The same bill failed in 2013 and its Republican author expects it to fail again. Hey, terrorists are people too–why shouldn’t they get to live the American Dream?

Click on the images at right and below to read more about this. See the original article in TIME Magazine and read the text of the proposed legislation for yourself. Read and weep.

Summary of HR 1076

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