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Alan Horton, I Feel Your Pain

We Timberwolves fans know that the NBA doesn’t allow us to have nice things. That’s just the way it is. A couple of days ago, the Wolves were robbed of any chance of a last-second game-winner when two of the NBA’s finest swallowed their whistles while Kevin Love was assaulted by Shawn Marion.

It was all made better, though, when the NBA publicly acknowledged the horrendous non-call. Thanks, NBA! We will remember that generous gesture when the Wolves finish one game behind the Mavericks for the final playoff spot in the West.

Alan Horton, the Wolves’ very good radio play-by-play announcer and normally a quite even-keeled professional, didn’t really hide his feelings on this one. His call may turn out to be the highlight of the Wolves’ season. Listen to his play-by-play and enjoy how his temperature rises with each look at the instant replay:

Alan Horton’s radio call

If you can stand to sit through a 15-second commercial, take a look at the video and you make the call:

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