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A Facebook Eleven

I’ve played at least a couple of nine-letter bingos in club and tournament Scrabble games. I think I’ve played a “ten” in an on-line or versus-a-computer game, though I don’t remember the specifics.

Last night, after attending a stinking pile of a Wolves game in Minneapolis, I returned home to make plays in the five or six Facebook Scrabble games that I am playing. In one particularly dreadful game in which I was getting pasted 351-173 by Steph S., I faced the rack:


Thought I, “If there were an open L on the board, I could play the bingo FULLNESS.” There wasn’t, but then I saw “TUNE” sitting all alone with a come-hither look near the upper-left corner of the board. Then I thought, “TUNEFULNESS!” and “bingo!”

The screendump to the right shows the board after Steph made her next play (WOOF). My play scored only 80 points, and I still trailed 351-253 after making it, but I did succeed in making Steph bark like a dog. So that’s something anyway.

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