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ALS Advocacy – A Letter to Washington

Steve GleasonI have written here about Steve Gleason before. He is the ex-New Orleans Saints football player who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. He uses the same determination and drive that fueled his NFL career to meet the challenge of this disease head-on and to raise public awareness about it. He is without question the most effective ALS advocate living today. Celebrity matters, and he is using his to accomplish much.

This week Gleason wrote an open letter to members of Congress from his home state of Louisiana. He encourages their support for bipartisan legislation recently introduced in both houses of Congress. Additionally, he urges them to amend Medicare/Medicaid rules that go into effect on April 1. Rules that will have profoundly negative consequences for those living with ALS and other diseases.

My letter to Congresspersons
I used Gleason’s letter to write my Senators and Representatives. See a PDF copy of my letter.

Please sign the White House petition linked at www.als-advocacy.blogspot.com.

You may wish to write to your own Senators and Representatives. To find your Senator, go to www.senate.gov. To find your U. S. Representative, go to www.house.gov.

Steve Gleason’s website is www.teamgleason.org. I copy-and-pasted text from this link to his open letter into mine. See also Steve’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/teamgleason.org.

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