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Dragon Me Down

Dragon NaturallySpeakingIt is the best of software, it is the worst of software. I have a profound love-hate relationship with my Dragon NaturallySpeaking (Professional Edition) program. On the one hand, hunting and pecking an on-screen keyboard isn’t much fun. On the other hand, when using my hand-mouse-keyboard combination I do know when to use “their,” “there,” and “they’re.” I would not spell “vis-à-vis” as “res of be” and would never write “three coarse meal” unless I were writing about my own cooking.

The worst is Dragon’s bewildering misapplications of the apostrophe. Why would it think I mean to write “we bought ticket’s to the show and have dinner reservation’s at White Castle”?

It is the small errors that frustrate; they can be difficult to spot. But with the quality of my speech deteriorating, the big errors are becoming more of a problem. Below is a list of phrases Dragon heard alongside of what I actually said.

These seventeen examples were collected on one weekend about a month ago. See if you can guess what I really said in each case before using your mouse cursor to hover over and reveal the answer:

wind is the father’s the lives of others    
This camel blows cheerier layer this Timberwolves cheerleader    
is the Greek jar coat question asks the rhetorical question    
Eve Penna Mize is epitomizes    
is the balls to pay visible through a    
how the skies to all almost Bloom Elvis Costello almost blue    
of those discussed of Elvis Costello    
boat some I know books on my Nook    
wrong clothes should together grown closer together    
booting attach losing touch they said    
an from a year unfamiliar    
knob fell on novella    
And for agility Unfortunately    
as eager owl input oh Edgar Allan Poe    
Xlib race in my !          
Style list six play stylistically    
Dimitri’s son sick of which Dimitri Shostakovich    
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