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Cartoon Caption Contest, Continued

Part one: Leave it to beaver

Beaver cartoon as printed in the magazine.Last week the cartoon pictured at the top of this page appeared in my Facebook feed as New Yorker Cartoons’ daily comic. (Click on it to read its caption.) “Da flip?,” I thought. This same cartoon was used in the magazine’s caption contest and, I knew, the top three entries for it had yet to come up for a vote.

My beaver cartoon entry.So I was puzzled and very much looking forward to Monday’s posting of the three finalists in the “beaver” cartoon caption contest. I knew it was due up on Monday, November 13th, because I had a copy of my entry on which the date is specified. That’s it at right. Click to read my brilliant caption–surely a contender.

These are the cartoon captions voted on this week. Wut?So I logged onto the Cartoon Caption Contest site on Monday only to find this cartoon: an analyst using a bath in place of the more traditional couch. My entry might have been something along the lines of “Vee are tryink to get at vat ist submerged” had I seen it rather than the tree-toting beaver. Click on the image to see the three finalists.

What gives Emma and Colin?

Part two: Hall of Lame entries?

I like some of mine well enough, but the contest judges haven’t agreed. I am yet to crack the top three. These thumbnails show winning captions. Click on an image to see the top three entries for it along with my sad also-ran (savvy web users will recognize and take advantage of the underlying slide show functionality).

Mine was unlikely to contend, I knew. I like the second place entry. [09/11/2017]Only after my submission did I see how my caption might be interpreted as an offensive joke at the expense of Asian speakers of English. I would have used "clown" instead of "crone" if I'd seen it. [09/18/2017]

Are Internet-connected toasters a thing? Probably not. [09/25/2017]The larger drawing used on the entry form clearly showed the pilots' pointy ears. They are cats and I figured I should work that in. Does anyone recognize Eureka as a maker of canister-style vacuum cleaners? [10/02/2017]

My idea is better than my phrasing, I think. [10/09/2017]Probably shouldn't have made such a scandalous suggestion in regards to Our Lady (Notre Dame). [10/16/2017]

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