King Henry IX - The War of the Noses



House of the Red Nose

KING Henry IX, born Donjon Thumpingbroke : a clown
*QUEEN Melancholia: wife to the king
Iwanna Cushy, Princess of YORK: daughter to the king
The MERCHANT of York: her husband
Donjonny, Prince of JERSEY: son to the king

Mistress HUCKLEBERRY: king's cryer
Stephen BANNCOCK: advisor to the king, a jester
Rube GIOVANNI: mayor of London, a fool
Geoffrey BEAUREGARD: king's deputy, a toy

Michael COZEN: lawyer
Bishop FAULTWELL: king's spiritual advisor, a hypocrite
Theo Newgentleman, "The SPLOOGE": a bellicose, cowardly soldier
Sir Toady BELCHED: tattered gentleman, a drunk
*Spike HA'PENNY: King's ambitous lieutenant
*Shamus O'SANITY: friend to the king
*Ned NOODLE: citizen

House of the Blue Nose

The MOOR, Duke of Omaha: deposed king
*Smilin' JOE: Omaha's onetime lieutenant
HILARITY: vanquished opponent of the king
WILLIAM the Randy: disgraced king of yore, consort to Hilarity
Lord Charles the SCHEMER: Parliamentary leader
Lady Nancy MACBROTH: Parliamentary leader
Saint Bernard FLANDERS: belligerent Parliamentarian


THE MILLER, also CHORUS: an ominous figure
*Gonereal STORMBORN: A sorceress

* off-stage characters

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