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Crossword #16: So It Goes

A mysterious ranger from the Lord of the RingsAs I wrote when I shared my Geeky puzzle two months ago, I will never get to the point where I can offer a new puzzle every couple of weeks or even every month. Every other month, though, may just be doable.

(Especially for one insistent fan, I did manage to create and feature a puzzle on April Fools’ Day–A Puzzle for the Masses. Not the puzzle he was looking for I’m afraid.)

Before I provide links to my puzzle, allow me to point you to other sources of free puzzles.

If you have been following my puzzles at all, you are aware of the large selection of free puzzles available on the George Barany & Friends website. Lots of fun puzzles there by some very talented constructors. A few of mine are there as well. If you haven’t sampled these you are missing some great stuff.

For crossword constructors nothing beats the cachet of publication in the New York Times. For many, it is virtually the only game in town. But it is not the only mainstream media outlet for top-flight puzzles. I won’t try to provide a list, but there is one source I will recommend: the Los Angeles Times crossword.

L.A.Times Crossword CornerTo me, the daily LAT crossword is quite comparable to that of the NYT. Unlike the NYT, it is available online for free. And for those of you who enjoy crossword blogs (several cover the NYT), Minnesota’s own C.C. Burnikel coordinates the best one dedicated to the left coast puzzle, L.A.Times Crossword Corner. Give it a look.

Puzzle thumbnailWhere were we? Oh yes, my new puzzle. Please enjoy this one responsibly. Drink all of the alcohol you need to get through it.

You know what to do:

Download the puzzle
PDF copy to print
Puzzle file for AcrossLite[1]
Solve online at XwordInfo.com

Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Friday, May 6.

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  1. The Across Lite program can be downloaded for free at Litsoft.com and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. I can recommend it unreservedly. It is easy to install and use, and is free of any of the malware garbage that commonly plagues freeware. [^]

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