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Crossword #k1: Meadow’s First!

Crosswords all the time?

Meadow's first look at a crossword of her ownNo, Bachblog hasn’t gone all crossword puzzles. What has happened is that my almost five-year-old granddaughter, after seeing her parents’ excited reactions to receiving their copies of Roadside Attractions earlier this week, wanted one of her own. So much so that she had her mom film and send me a video of her–Meadow–holding up a sign asking me to construct one for her.

How could I not? I don’t even have the heart to tell her that I’m pretty well convinced that the reason her mom and dad were excited to get their copies is that they are running critically low on toilet paper.

I wanted to give Meadow the full Bachblog “fanfare for the common puzzle” treatment. Here it is. The puzzle is aimed specifically at Meadow. Clues are written directly to her, and are phrased as if I am speaking to her. I break “adult crossword rules,” use a dodgy abbreviation, and even let a technically incorrect answer pass. But I was able to pack a lot of answers and clues that she will really enjoy!

(By the way, two-months shy of her fifth birthday, she will be able to read nearly all of it. Abbreviations may be an unfamiliar concept. Maybe not. Some of the clues will require her to ask her parents for hints.[1])

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  1. I don’t expect anyone not in Meadow’s family to want to do this puzzle, nor do I expect those in her family to need help with it. Nevertheless, here is an image of the completed grid. [^]