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Crossword #21: Special Editions

I find it difficult to ignore the constant clamoring of my ravenous fans for new crossword puzzles. The anguished pleading, “Please, sir, we want some more.” The pitiful wanting.

At least I would find it difficult to ignore and disappoint a ravenous fanbase if one such existed. As it is, I scratch my own itch to create these puzzles and try to persuade myself that somewhere–perhaps in an alternate universe where Netflix and the This American Life podcast do not exist–eager solvers, cocooned indoors as the bitter winter weather drops frozen iguanas from trees, keep sharpened pencils, hot coffee, and Ginkgo biloba supplements on hand as they await the arrival of my latest effort.

If you are the one person to whom my desperate fantasy applies, and if you have not had your IQ halved by a recent blow on the head from a plummeting frozen reptile, today is your lucky day! You will be doubly fortunate if you are entertained by the quirky theme of this shiny new puzzle. Enjoy!


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Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Thursday, February 1.

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  1. The Across Lite program can be downloaded for free at Litsoft.com and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. I can recommend it unreservedly. It is easy to install and use, and is free of any of the malware garbage that commonly plagues freeware. [^]

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