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Our Bachmanniac

If you’ve spent any time at all with me l these past few years, you already know that I spend a lot of time pointing out that my last name is spelled with only one “N”, not two, and that I am NO relation—NONE!—to Minnesota’s most famous escaped lunatic, Michele Bachmann. I can provide genealogical evidence if necessary.

The big Mad Michele story this week is Newsweek magazine’s August 15th cover photo. It’s causing a bit of a stir. Many are offended by it and assume that it was retouched by one the artists from Mad magazine.

No, that’s her alright. That’s the face that will be minted on two dollar coins sometime in a very scary dystopian future imagined by Philip K. Dick. (Yes, it will have to be written from beyond the grave, but I think he might be up to it.)

I was shocked to read today in my hometown paper, the Minneapolis StarTribune, that

“the photo isn’t just unflattering. It goes way beyond that, making the three-term Congresswoman look unbalanced.”

Makes her look unbalanced?

Makes her LOOK unbalanced??[1]

The fact-checkers at the Strib must be asleep at the wheel today.

Our esteemed member of congressNotes:

  1. At least Newsweek didn’t use this photo of her swallowing a 12-inch corn dog at the Iowa State Fair.

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