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Tea Party Tourette’s

Susan L. Harper, a tax accountant bookkeeper from Redding, California, expresses her opinion of the President

The loving description of our President pictured above is courtesy of one Susan L. Harper of Redding, California. Susan describes herself in her public Facebook profile[1] as the sixty-something owner of Sharper Bookkeeping & Tax Service. A few days ago, she commented on a post made by one of my nieces. The text in the image may be hard to read; here’s what it says:

I think OBummer should be impeached for the way he is running the gov’t…he is a baby killing radical Islam lover socialist that cannot even prove he is a US citizen. Classic when God is ignored.

Wow. That’s some powerful invective there.

I wonder if Susan L. Harper has been watching much Fox News? Hmm? I wonder if this is the gospel (“God’s word” or “good news”) she hears preached at her church on Sundays?

She won’t find anything in the constitution to support her notion that the President can be impeached for “the way he runs the government.” Perhaps, just possibly, she hasn’t actually read the relevant sections of the U. S. Constitution? I don’t know.

Susan didn’t stop with her laughably ignorant suggestion that the President should be impeached for the way he’s running the country. She’s got a case of what I’d call “Tea Party Tourette’s syndrome”[2] and in her outburst says that President Obama

  • is a Baby killer,
  • a Radical Islam-lover,
  • a Socialist, and
  • Cannot prove he is a U.S. citizen

Then she ties everything together brilliantly with “Classic when God is ignored.”

Her ignorant slander is unworthy of response. But I can’t resist noting that it’s unsurprising to find she is a member of the tin foil hat crowd that wants to believe President Obama was not born in this country. The legal, typical, official State of Hawaii birth certificate he produced during the 2008 Presidential campaign wasn’t enough to convince her. That both of Hawaii’s major newspapers printed announcements shortly after his birth in 1961 wasn’t enough. It isn’t enough that numerous Hawaiian officials—including the governor of the state—have vouched for the fact of his birth in Honolulu and for the validity of his birth certificate. Just what could convince the likes of her and the tin foil-haired Donald Trump? Nothing could.

Susan L. Harper prays for the death of Barack ObamaAs she said, though, all of this is just “classic when God is ignored.” Yes, everyone who ignores God is a baby-killing, radical Islam-loving, socialist foreigner. This is a fact!

Susan doesn’t ignore God, that’s for sure. Her Facebook profile includes a prayer asking God to kill President Obama.[1]:

Dear Lord, this year you took my favorite actor, Patrick Swayzie [sic]. You took my favorite actress, Farah [sic] Fawcett. You took my favorite singer, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to let you know, my favorite President is Barack Obama. Amen.[3]

Susan L. Harper prays for the death of our President. The obummer for all of us is that she’s not alone. She is legion, and she votes.

God help us.


  1. Profile retrieved April 2011. Modified Screendump (I’ve edited a couple of her friends out and highlighted the relevant text) of her publicly-available profile found by Googling [ "Susan L. Harper" Facebook ]. [^]
  2. My apologies to those who live with Tourette Syndrome. I in no way mean to imply that they are more likely than any of us to be ignorant racist bigots. [^]
  3. Her favorite actress is Farrah Fawcett? [^]

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