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Heating up the U.N.

A future world leader spoke at the the United Nation’s special meeting on climate change yesterday. Her name is Greta Thunberg. She is 16 years old and traveled across the Atlantic on a solar- and wind-powered boat to speak on this issue.

Last week Thunberg spoke to the US Congress. She implored the so-called leaders of our country to “listen to the scientists,” to “unite behind the science,” and to “take real action.”[1]

Our so-called leader, President Trump, spent 14 whole minutes at the UN’s meeting. Later (at midnight) he tweeted this:
Trump responds to Greta.

National Geographic magazine cover from 2003.Another in a long line of Trump’s “presidential” bon mots.

T-rump will speak to the UN’s General Assembly today. The subject of the speech will undoubtedly be his favorite one: himself.[2]

Is it treason[3] to suggest we replace our morally- and mentally-challenged president with a 16-year-old Swedish climate activist? Asking for a friend.


  1. A panelist on a Fox News program attempted to discredit Ms Thunberg’s message by calling her “mentally ill” and “exploited.” Yes, she’s on the autism spectrum. Yes, her parents are encouraging and facilitating her activism. This totally invalidates her opinions and, by association, the scientific fact of human-caused climate change. Right? [^]
  2. A year ago his line “In just over two years, my administration has accomplished more than just about any administration in our history” sparked spontaneous laughter from the gathered diplomats and world leaders of the General Assembly. Good times! I wonder what howlers he will come up with today? [^]
  3. It is certainly treason to ask the leader of a foreign country to investigate your political rival and to threaten to withhold aid unless he complies. [^]

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