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Not Kidding

Dear friend-of-a-friend: I saw today on Facebook that God heard your prayer and healed your child’s strep throat. You were “blessed [...] just in time!!” and were able to fly to Florida as planned to visit Disney World. The “#PowerOfPrayer”–nice hashtag and a wonderful way to give back. Such a lot of likes you got! A couple of “God is good” replies, too.

(I see you saw a doctor on Monday and posted “got antibotic [sic] prescrip for *****, hope theyll [sic] work!!!”. What, no “#PowerOfScience”?)

I’m happy for you. Shame about those nine Bible studiers in Charleston though. Must not have remembered to pray for themselves or to ask God to protect them from the Second Amendment and radical Christian terrorists.

Rev Dr Kidd

Well, it seems God has been distracted of late. He protected the good Reverend Dr Phil Kidd and his “Mont Blonc” [sic] pen[1] last month, but wasn’t quite as good to his brand-new Jaguar or to his wife.

Attitude, maybe. Pastor Phil was quick to give the glory to God for his miraculous, unscathed experience …

Rev Dr Kidd

… while his grumbling wife (who must’ve been relaxing in a hospital bed as her husband shared his inspiring story on Facebook) was thankful to God, but not quite as upbeat:

Rev Dr Kidd


  1. I don’t know what his pen cost, but it was cheaper than his Jaguar, at least.
    Rev Dr Kidd

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