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DIP #4 – Was Dick Cheney Involved?

Dunce in public #4

Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller

Dunce in public: Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid MillerFrom a story about the event in British newspaper the Independent (emphasis mine):

Mr Miller, who became infamous in the US during last year’s election campaign when he called Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton a “c***” in a Tweet, deleted his initial Facebook post about the incident after police said they were suspicious of the hunters’ story.

Mr Miller’s initial post included two pictures of Mr Daugherty, one of which showed him in his hospital bed.

“The aliens were ambushing the RV that Walker and his wife [sic]. He was shot while trying to protect his hunters from the attack. Walker is a man of God and is now a hero,” Mr Miller wrote.

This is why we need the wall and to secure our borders,” he added, in the post.

If only we had a wall to keep men of God like these two gun-totin’ Texans and Commissioner Jackass out of our country. In a very Texas twist, these two good-men-with-guns lied just a bit about their border-protectin’ exploits. Again from the surely bemused Independent (emphasis mine):

But police and a grand jury have now concluded the men were lying about the incident, and actually shot each other.
Investigators believe that Mr Daughtery became paranoid that illegal immigrants were inside a vehicle with Mr Roberts and his wife and attempted to get inside without saying anything, prompting Mr Roberts to shoot at the door.
Mr Daughtery then ran back to his cabin to grab his gun and to get backup from Mr Bryant, and together they opened fire on the truck.

I can’t help but wonder if “Mr Roberts and his wife” may have been a mistake for “his wife and Mr Roberts.” That might be better explain the paranoia and the gun play.

What jolly good fun British newspaper readers must get from reading about their American cousins’ wild, wild West?

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