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No Surprises

Knives out

From the Twitler-in-chiefBizarro America, that’s where we live. Less than one week into this bad reality show, America’s first real flirtation with fascism, we are not exactly coming together are we? We are digging in. I know I am.

Oh, maybe some New Order Enthusiasts (NOEs) are magnanimously calling for unity. For every NOE calling us in the Bleeding-hearted Rationalist Resistance (BRR) “snowflakes,” there is another telling us to “relax and give him a chance” (“it’s inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it!”). For every one calling us “libtards,” another is reminding us of the eight years of respect and cooperation afforded our guy.

I’m tempted to write that half of the NOEs are saying “relax, snowflakes” and the other half “show some respect, libtards.” But I’m trying to not exaggerate. Much.


A great American hatI want to challenge NOEs on their assumption that America is not great now, at least not as great as it once was. Many millions of Americans seem to feel this: 62,980,160 voters do, only three million fewer than the 65,845,063 voters who presumably don’t. I want to understand. Where does the idea we live in a such a hellscape originate? Why so much fear?

I want to ask, is it crime? But our country’s rate of violent crime has been dropping, fairly dramatically, for at least 25 years to levels not seen since the 1960s.

Is it the economy? It’s not our grandparents’ economy–which was pretty great for a lot of people during the post-WWII boom years. But that unique situation isn’t coming back anytime soon. What about the steady economic recovery of the past seven years? Remember the Great Recession?

From Great America's glory days. Radical Christian terrorists.Terrorism? Attacks post-9/11 (2002 through 2014) killed 158 Americans (12 per year), of these, 53 (4 per year) occurred on American soil. For perspective, however, lightning kills 51 Americans a year, while scalding hot tap water kills 100. Murderous terrorists should be a big concern, but how realistic are our fears?

Abortion? A very divisive, emotional issue with scant middle ground. But rates are falling. They were lower every year of Obama’s presidency than any year of Bush’s. Much lower than during their peak in the 1980s. Gay marriage? Still not mandatory–we remain free to marry members of the opposite sex if we so choose. (But, dammit, in our private businesses–on public streets, protected by public safety officers, on public utilities–we might be forced to bake gay wedding cakes, probably penis-shaped cakes).

Guns? Obama couldn’t take ‘em. We still celebrate Christmas (though some un-American pagans choose to say “happy holidays,” claiming to have Jewish, Muslim, and even atheist friends). No sharia law (yet!), but we are overrun by illegal immigrants (peaked in Bush’s 2007)–many of whom are violent criminals (just not true).

Ugh! There is no point in my going on like this. The election is over. All of this information and much more is already out there: comprehensibly detailed and far better presented than I can manage. But the NOEs have their “alternative facts” and we BRRs can’t take them away.

Climbing up the walls

“Heil to the Chief,” then? No, never that. A loyal, patriotic opposition is what is wanted now. Loyal to the ideals to which our country strives.

As long as I am able and in any way I can, I will hold this administration, its supporters, and its apologists accountable for their actions and words (yes, words matter). I want good things for our country and for the world. I’m hoping for the best and expecting the worst.

Barely one week in, “the worst” is out to big lead. Changes are coming at a furious pace (“furious” is apt). A handy scorecard (bookmark it):


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