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YFALS National Corntoss Challenge

On the eve of my g-tube operaton.On this Sunday, August 7 at CHS Field, the beautiful new home of the St. Paul Saints, the Young Faces of ALS (YFALS) are sponsoring the Corntoss Challenge. This is a fundraiser for my favorite ALS charitable organization.

(Among the excuses I have used for my last-minute registration for this event is that I had surgery two days ago to install a “g-tube” feeding port to my stomach. To the right is a photo of me in the VA hospital on the evening before I was punctured.[1])

Below you can read the same pitch you can find on our Corntoss Challenge fundraising page. Please check it out if you are able to help.

YFALS logo.In my view, ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) is the best organization to support in the fight against ALS (various charity watchdog organizations agree). This event is sponsored by the Young Faces of ALS. They have asked me to say a few words before the competition begins at noon on Sunday, August 7 at CHS Field. (I will probably have Nicole, Tamara or Joann read my words.) A team of two pays $100 to compete (T-shirt and food included). Of course, the idea is also to solicit donations, but anything, including your appearance and/or participation will be helpful and much appreciated. My family will field at least two teams. You can register at the event, but an earlier online registration would be helpful.

Many of you have donated generously on my behalf to ALS TDI over the past few years including at this May’s ALS Bike Trek. My intention is not to squeeze you again, but if you haven’t before (or are made of money) and want to do so, there are a variety of ways you can help. Donate to support our team, become a “virtual player,” or pay $25 to register as a spectator. Great chance to compete (or not), see the beautiful new stadium, say hello to us, and to meet my extraordinary granddaughter Meadow. Looks as if we will have great weather. I hope to see you there!

By the way, our team page incorrectly lists me as a team member. Joann will be throwing in my place.

Who wouldn’t want to meet the future of our country, the thoroughly delightful Meadow?

Meadow Mushroom


  1. Since I’ve been punctured, as far as I can tell, the angels don’t seem to want to wear my red shoes. [^]


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