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Crossword #19: Themeless, but Dark

Fruit with toupee.Still fiddlin’, but I did find something to keep me off of YouTube for a couple of days. Crossword puzzle construction. Constructing it wasn’t as tedious as I’d expected it to be. That’s no guarantee you won’t find it tedious to solve, but I am hopeful. Hopeful that you won’t find it tedious, that is.

This puzzle doesn’t have a theme. Not a traditionally realized one, at least. It does have four symmetrically arranged rows that are theme-like (one of which requires decoding), and it has an attitude sprinkled liberally and haphazardly throughout.

It’s fantastic, really. All the best words! It’s even up for an Oscar©.[1] You’re going to love it, snowflake!

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Checkmark iconThe solution to this puzzle was published on Friday, February 17.

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  1. That is an alternative fact. [^]
  2. The Across Lite program can be downloaded for free at and runs on Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. I can recommend it unreservedly. It is easy to install and use, and is free of any of the malware garbage that commonly plagues freeware. [^]