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A Puzzle for the Masses

I was asked just yesterday when I might have a new puzzle ready to go on my blog. Not anytime soon is what I answered. But then I thought, “why not?”

Here it is in record turnaround time: a brand new puzzle. This one specially written for those of you who are always complaining that my puzzles are too difficult and/or lacking in comic-page-ready artwork.


Jumble (blank)

If you want to print this gem in a suitable-for-framing format, download this PDF and have at it–no extra charge!

Don’t you just hate those websites that provide puzzles without making answers available for a week or so? As if the answer is some sort of state secret. Jeez! That won’t be the case here. After some spoiler space–photos of the most amazing wee bairn in the world–you will find the solution.

Spoiler space

Meadow D2

Meadow in the snow

Meadow wig

Meadow the Queen


Jumble (answer)

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