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Tech Support

A true story

PrinterHere’s how to change your printer cartridge:

  1. Insert new black cartridge.
  2. Press cancel button as test page prints, since this is just a waste of paper.
  3. Press copy button to make duplicate of important document.
  4. Error light flashes; curse cheap HP junk.
  5. Press cancel, retry copy.
  6. Repeat steps four and five several times; press button harder and increase intensity of cursing each time.
  7. Turn printer off and on; repeat steps four and five; continue cursing.
  8. Remove and reinstall black cartridge; repeat steps four and five; look around for something to break.
  9. Blame problem on Microsoft even though printer should function as stand-alone copier.
  10. Send several test pages to printer from Microsoft desktop and Linux virtual machine; cancel each; curse.
  11. Try random combinations of everything tried thus far; shake fist at printer while cursing.
  12. Notice that the test page aborted in step two used last piece of paper in tray.
  13. Load printer with paper; press copy button.
  14. Done.

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