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Up in My Facebook Again

Facebook adsThis is not the first time I’ve blathered about the ads I see on Facebook (see All Up In My Facebook), and I suppose it probably won’t be the last. I just can’t shake the feeling that some advertising intern is feverishly scanning my Facebook content and running demographic profiles of my friends in the desperate hope of luring me into clicking on one of these tempting little nuggets, and thereby propping up plummeting Facebook stock prices.

Presumably young pretty faces are an effective way to turn a 52-year-old male’s thoughts to refinancing and/or returning to school.

Facebook adsI can see where enrolling in college might be an effective way to attract the attention of a fresh young female face. But I am pretty sure the kind of attention I would attract would not be pleasant. I can only imagine the insulting text messages sent by a coed sitting on my left to one on my right: written in a code language entirely indecipherable to me.

I’m not at all sure how refinancing fits. Perhaps the idea is to acquire a big chunk of change that could be lavished on a sugar-daddy-seeking young vixen. Interest rates are low, I guess, so this might be a better idea than many.

The nurse advert, on the other hand, hits closer to home. I might indeed need to hire a nurse sometime in the not so distant future. I will have to check with my wife, though, about the suitability of this one. I’m not optimistic.

In case the first three ads fail to trigger any sort of primal response from me, the men’s “boxer briefs” advertisement must be meant to appeal to another—perhaps repressed—urge. Nice try, but ineffective. It has been a while since I watched boxing, and I was completely unaware of the style change in boxing trunks. If I decide to emulate Sugar Ray Leonard in my under-the-pants wardrobe, I will require a pair of shorts that reaches my knees.

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