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Every Day is a Holiday

Steve's E.T. pumpkinThere’s a festive holiday atmosphere around here today. The jack-o’-lanterns we created Saturday night at Garry & Chris’s annual pumpkin carving extravaganza1 are in place on the front porch as we prepare to welcome who-knows-how-many trick-or-treaters. It’s our first Halloween in this neighborhood, so we aren’t sure what to expect numbers-wise. We’re loaded for bear, though, with just under 200 candy bars, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and bags of M & M’s.2

Holiday Mondays are the best, aren’t they? There’s nothing like extending the weekend and putting off the inevitable return of the work week.

Wait a minute. Since when has Halloween been an actual paid, stay-at-home holiday? Never, that’s when. But every day is a holiday to the retired man, and I can get behind that.

UPDATE: It’s now the day after Halloween—still a holiday to me and I’m still extending that weekend. I don’t have wonder any longer about the number of trick-or-treaters we should expect. They’ve come and gone: all twelve of them. We have a lot of chocolate candy left to get through. I’ll do my best


  1. Where we enjoyed Garry’s two-alarm chili, Chris’s chicken wild rice stew, and Rick’s homemade raspberry wine. I picked one of the easiest designs available once again this year (that’s my extra-terrestrial jack-o’-lantern pictured above), which left me plenty of time to feed.
  2. Just how far under 200 we will be at “showtime” is anyone’s guess, but at the rate I’m going through the bags of M & M’s, well below 200 would be a pretty good one.

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