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The Knot-hole

A long time ago, at her grandparent’s house, Sissy watched a small man climb into this hole.

tree with knot-hole

He was as short as her Barbie doll, but fatter, like a very small poodle on two legs. He wore denim overalls and a funny hat atop brown curly hair. He chewed on a piece of straw so tiny that it might have been a blond eyelash. He was barefoot.

Sissy remembered that she was crouching close to the ground, playing with sticks in a puddle after a light rain when she saw him. The sun was at her back, and as the man stepped into the hole he looked back at her and winked. One of his teeth sparkled like a nugget of gold, and something on the ground in the hole sparkled too.

There might have been a rainbow in the sky, but she couldn’t remember.

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