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Lisa peeked out from under her covers at the clock: 6:13 A.M. It was Sunday morning. Cold. She’d like to sleep for at least a couple more hours. But instead she was listening to the disgusting sound of her party-animal roommate retching in the bathroom of her small apartment.

Bwuuuaagh! Hwraaakh!

Ack. Ack. Ack. Bouleeeeck!

Night after night it was the same. Lisa would drag herself home from a long shift on her feet as a waitress, tired and ready for bed, only to find her needy roommate ready to boogie. The fact that Lisa always firmly but politely declined the invitation didn’t change anything.

It was always the same for the roomie. A late-night noisome orgy of food and drink and bouncing off the walls. Followed by an early-morning kneeling confessional before the toilet.

Maybe I should get a dog, she thought.

Barney the cat

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