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Lifebirds #12 and #13 – A Gull and a Dove

Ring-billed gullWho hasn’t seen a Ring-billed Gull? I’ve seen this species of gull innumerable times, of course, always calling it a “seagull” like everybody else. But the first one I noted after I started keeping a life list was one of the several I saw feeding on the ground in a parking lot in my hometown. The photo I’ve used here is of a not-quite-adult I saw in Winona several years later. A better birder than I could probably identify this individual as a second- or third-year bird. But I can only say, “Look, it has spots on its head and breast. It’s immature!”

Mourning Dove You have very good eyesight indeed if you can spot the Mourning Dove sitting on a nest in this photo (but click on it to see a larger image). This is not a photo of my lifer Mourning Dove, but it is a photo of an individual in my yard about twenty feet in the air above the spot where I did see my lifer in September of 2003.

Species  Ring-billed Gull / Larus delawarensis
Where Market Place shopping center, Little Canada, MN
Species  Mourning Dove / Zenaida macroura
Where Home, Little Canada, MN
When September 2003
Who Joann
Number 12-13

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Mourning DoveMourning DoveRing-billed Gull