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Lifebird #21 – The Wrong Sparrow

Species  White-crowned Sparrow / Zonotrichia leucophrys
Where Home, Little Canada, MN
When October 2003
Who Joann
Number 21

It’s an oddity that I saw and identified White-crowned Sparrows in my yard before I found my first White-throated Sparrow, but that’s what the entries in my copy of The Birds of Minnesota and Wisconsin indicate. I do remember one or more of these LBJ’s (little brown jobs) hanging around under our feeders through much of the early winter of 2003. But there were surely White-throated Sparrows present as well. White-crowned Sparrows are the much more unusual species of the two in Minnesota (not that they are rarities).

This species is not at all unexpected in California (where the situation is more than reversed—White-throated Sparrows are quite uncommon there), and both of these photos were taken in California in December of 2007. I photographed the three adults during the Audubon Society’s Christmas Bird Count in Redding, and the juvenile in Anderson River Park a few days earlier.

White-throated SparrowWhite-throated Sparrow

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