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Lifebird #30 – Pigeon Fancying

Species  Rock Pigeon / Columba livia
Where Hamline-Midway area, St Paul, MN
When April 2004
Who self
Number 30

Once I started checking off birds in our copy of Birds of Minnesota and Wisconsin, I had to count my first pigeon sometime and somewhere. So one fine April morning on my drive to work at Hamline University, I glanced at one of the billboards that line Snelling Avenue just north of campus, and there as always stood a line of Rock Pigeons. Bobbing their heads, preening their feathers, and occasionally diving off of their perches to swoop over the railroad tracks and busy city street, day-after-day these pigeons blissfully ignored the worthless plastic fake owl hammered in place at the top of one of the billboards in a failed attempt to scare them away.

Rock PigeonI snapped this photo of a pigeon along the Mississippi River in downtown New Orleans.

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