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Puzzle Solution #19: Resist & Ridicule

IMAGEI really fouled up by publishing this puzzle using an incorrect grid on the PDF version. By the time three solvers (almost simultaneously) asked me about it, others likely had ripped it up with a curse while vowing to avoid my future puzzles as well. I can’t blame them. A shame, though. I do think most who solved the corrected copy and those who worked the (correct-from-the-start) AcrossLite version enjoyed it. Probably not as much as I enjoyed constructing it, though. I really indulged myself with this one, particularly in my tendency to overwork clues.

You really should click on my bird photo above. Really. Just sayin’.

Spoiler space

If you haven’t solved this puzzle, please give it a chance (or a second one) at Themeless, but Dark, before scrolling down to see the solution. This video provides spoiler space and a fresh chance to enjoy the timeless genius of Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

The solution

(Image courtesy
Puzzle solution.

Almost a theme

Yes, you may be thinking, I see how ORANGE MANCHILD and TRUMPETS HATRED fit and, if I squint, MAD HAIR DAYS too. But LORD DAMP NUT?

A solution sent to me by a fanHere’s a clue for you all:


      LORD DAMP NUT :: ? [1]

Lots of other clues and answers incorporate Lord Damp Nut’s phobias and most endearing qualities. (Here is a link to a PDF copy of the puzzle with answers.)

Der F├╝hrer thrives on our fear and loathing. Only our laughter and ridicule wounds him. Just trying to do my part.

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  1. One of my daughters told me about the “LORD DAMP NUT” anagram. It was the inspiration for this puzzle. (See also the clue and answer at 42-down.) [^]